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What's your data worth?Improve your bottom line by commercializing your data assets
With dmi commercialization services, you can unlock the potential of your data to add value to your business:
Realize additional income to reinvest in your priorities

Quickly generate a return on your valuable assets - data commercialization has a fast time to market, and an attractive return profile

Uncover new customer relationships and accelerate your core business growth

Customers for your data assets build trust in your brand, creating potential for growing the business relationship over time

Work with a trusted partner and keep your team focused on the core mission

Partnering with dmi minimizes the distraction of tech and business teams

Many leading companies today are leveraging their data assets to create additional value

There’s growing evidence that data-centric companies enjoy a meaningful competitive advantage. If your company exhibits that data-centricity for its internal data use, it's a manageable next step to explore external commercialization opportunities.
A 2017 research study from Forrester revealed the growing momentum in data commercialization:

  • 48% of companies are commercializing data for revenue through partners or customers
  • 81% of decision-makers want to expand their ability to source new data

If you'd like to explore the opportunities of data commercialization further, please email our Account Management team and we will get right back to you.

Data as a service is growing in importance and relevance to an ever-larger set of customers… We see a growing role for all kinds of third-party data… to provide better accuracy for marketing, sales, partnerships, competitive intelligence, and overall decision-making.

- David Schubmehl, Research Director for Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems, IDC