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Do you have the right data to drive your business growth?Custom data sourcing & analytical systems that exactly meet your business needs
dmi builds targeted data solutions to improve revenue generation and business productivity:
Extract Targeted Insights

Natural language processing and machine learning techniques allow you to extract intelligence that was previously hard to uncover

Integrate third party data

Commercially sourced data doesn’t have to be expensive and can add value to your overall solution

Fast time to value

Our data science toolkit can be deployed quickly, delivering prototype results in days

Getting from data noise to data-driven decisions

Bad data creates poor outcomes - such as poor marketing conversion rates, low-quality lead information, customer satisfaction issues and untargeted product decision making. The data you need to improve these outcomes is available in the information economy - you just need to know how to get hold of it.
At dmi, we help clients address this problem, bringing the latest tools to help uncover and extract publicly available information, and using our deep knowledge of third party data sources to take your data solution to the next level.

  • Targeted Mashups that unlock new insights by integrating internal and external data and developing customized analytics yielding unique insights
  • Rapid Prototypes that quickly demonstrate the business value and ROI of a new data initiative
  • Off-the-Shelf Integrations that leverage existing commercial tools to minimize the time and effort to accomplish analytic outcomes
  • Custom-Built Software that unlocks analytical possibilities unavailable through standard tools
  • Delivery Options that match your business needs, from data delivered as a service through to solutions fully hosted on your own infrastructure and owned by you

If you'd like to discuss your data solution needs further, please email our Account Management team and we will get right back to you.