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Your reporting might make your business look connected – but is it really?Drive data consistency across your operational systems to deliver superior customer experience and efficiency
dmi will ensure your data is truly connected, so that business decisions are made based on the true meaning of the data
Eliminate data silos

Re-designing key operational processes to remove duplication and truly connect the data across disparate systems results in improved quality and reduced risk

Implement just enough governance

Research shows that companies putting in place appropriate governance are more successful in generating a return on their data investment. Implementing appropriate data management governance can be done with simple tools, and doesn’t have to create a large overhead.

Liberate yourself from the F9 key!

Many data science tools are easily accessible and learned by your operations team and make a great supplement to Excel and similar tools. With greater at your fingertips complicated and error prone excel analyses can be produced in minutes instead of hours

Great visualizations don’t imply great integration

There’s a host of legacy and emerging tools to help you build better business intelligence dashboards, but the the messages coming from those dashboards is only as good as the data going into them. At dmi we understand what it takes to make that underlying data reflect the true state of your operations, and help you navigate the process of enhancing systems in a way that provides fast time to value.

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