Today data is either a competitive advantage or a disadvantage What's your data strategy?
Now you can achieve leading-edge data strategy without having to build a whole new competency
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of businesses want to better leverage data and analytics in business decision-making

are commercializing their own data


Our 4-week, fixed-fee data strategy methodology delivers:

  • An inventory of your data assets and the importance they play in delivering your organization's vision
  • An assessment of the current state of your data assets and what improvements are needed to achieve your goals
  • A design blueprint laying out the People, Process and Technology changes required to deliver those improvements

If firms don’t use data and insights to create differentiated experiences and competitive advantage, a competitor or disruptor to their industry will.

dmi is your data strategy partner

  • Deep industry experience crafting data strategy, with strong track records at some of the world’s most prestigious firms
  • Extensive data capabilities across multiple tech stacks
  • Holistic data strategy development methodology across full spectrum of People, Process, and Technology
  • Rapid iteration drives genuine improvement
  • Knowledge transfer sustains improvements through time