Why does the world need a
"marketplace for business data?"

Data can do great things, but first it has to be in the right hands

dmi exists todemocratize access to data-driven insights

Buyers can't efficiently find the data they need and have to resort to assumptions or 'good enough' sources

Sellers struggle to cost-effectively reach potential buyers, so they miss out on growth opportunities

Businesses have vast repositories of data that could be commercialized, but they need an easy route to test the market

In our personal lives we've grown accustomed to high levels of product disclosure and review as well as access to comparison tools.

But in the world of professional data these are still major gaps, and both buyers and sellers of data miss out on the opportunity to do more business as a result of this friction in the data-buying process. By encouraging increased disclosure and transparency coupled with tools that help buyers properly evaluate alternative data offers, dmi is helping solve this problem.

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