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Sales without Selling

Selling your data to new buyers just got easier. Slash the cost, time, and risk of finding new buyers and new markets for your data products and services.

Easy Money

List your data for sale by simply answering some questions about the data and how you want to sell it. We'll tell you when it sells so you can deliver the data directly to the buyer.

Free to list, Low fees, Low risk

There's no charge to list your data for sale, so we only make money when you do, and our fees are just 10% on sales to NEW customers. You can say "No" to any buyer, or even exclude buyers from certain industries (coming soon). You set the price and terms, and you can change them at any time.

E-commerce for data

Finding new datasets just got easier. Search, browse, and compare data offerings from many different companies. Discover data you never knew existed, or request something new.

Try before you Buy

Understand where the data comes from, how it's quality-controlled, and what it will cost. Download a free sample and buy with confidence.

No commitment

There's no fee to search, request, or contact sellers. You pay only for the data you buy, using a credit card or electronic check.

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